Campus West of the University of York can be a rather confusing place. Here's a guide so you can find your way around. You can always reach us for help and assistance!

Remember that on Wednesday the conference will take place in the Piazza Building in Campus East in the morning, and in Alcuin College in Campus West in the afternoon. 

On Thursday and Friday we will be meeting in James Hall, located in James College in Campus West.

You can also use the university's interactive map, which is very useful and easy to use.

To get to the Piazza Building in Campus East

To get to Campus East by bus or by car, you will end up getting to the Field Lane Car Park. Both the 66 and the 67 buses arrive to this stop - the 66 comes all the way from the train station and through city centre, while the 67 comes from city centre.

From the car park, you only have to walk in direction to the lake one Deramore Lane. The last building on your left is the Piazza. Room PZA/012 is located on the ground floor.

If you are arriving by taxi or uber, tell your driver you are going to the Piazza and they will leave you by the main entrance.

To get to Alcuin College

On Wednesday afternoon, the conference will move to Alcuin College in Campus West. We'll move together from the Piazza and the conference team will be there to guide you, but here is a guide just in case you need it.

There are two routes to Alcuin College, walking and by bus. Walking (the red route in the map), you will cross to the building in front of the Piazza (the Ron Cooke Hub). You can either enter the building or walk by the lake. If you go across the hub, keep walking once you exit the building. You will see the Department of Computer Science on your left, then the Department of Law on your right, and The Catalyst at the end.  Walk past the Catalyst and follow the way past the Anne Lister College, until eventually taking Lakeside Way. Keep on walking until you leave the campus and turn left on Field Lane. Walk past the church and turn right on the roundabout (if the weather is dry enough, you can cut across the field in front of the church). When you reach Innovation Way, walk up the first way on the left, which will lead you to the Chemistry Building A, where we will have lunch.

If you walk by Lakeside Way from the beginning, it will take you a bit longer, but you will reach the same point.

The second route (in pink) will take you back to car park to take the bus. This will leave in Heslington Hall - just in front of the Church. From there, you can follow the same path to the Chemistry Buildings.

To get to Alcuin East Wing, just leave the Chemistry Building A and turn right until the end of the corridor, then turn left and walk straight until reaching the Seebohm Rowntree Building. The first door on your left gives you access to the Alcuin East Wing.

Go through the door to enter the building and go straight until the end of the corridor. Turn left towards the stairs and go up to the first floor. Lecture Room 104 is just in front of you.

To get to James Hall

By bus


The buses that arrive to university are the 66 and 67, both can be taken from city centre, particularly from the stop in Merchangate.


If you are coming from the Train Station, the 66 departs from there, goes through city centre, and then towards the university.


You should get off the bus in either the Wentworth College stop or the University Library. Then there are two ways to get to James Hall (see map below):

For the first route, you should walk through Vanbrugh Way, more or less between the two stops and next to the university’s Information Centre (18 in the map above). Continue walking and cross the bridge, and turn left on the first pathway heading towards to the Department of Mathematics. Get inside the building and continue straight until the last door on your right.


For the second route, walk behind the bus stop in front of the Library towards Market Square (where you will see a Nisa Local supermarket). Follow the corridor on your left towards the lake and turn left before reaching Greg’s Place (the square by the lake). Then follow the way towards Central Hall (the spaceship-like building) and turn right just beneath it. Cross the bridge and turn right – you can either walk through the Exhibition Centre or through the path by the lake. On the other side of the building, on your left, you’ll see a small square. James Hall is in front of you. 

By car or taxi


James Hall, the main venue for the conference, is located in James College (zone 6 in the first map), behind the Roger Kirk Centre (23 in the map).


If you are coming by taxi or uber, ask your driver to take you to the Roger Kirk Centre in James College.


To arrive driving, you should come from Heslington Lane, whether if you are coming from Fulford Road (to the west) or University Road (to the east). Turn on Newton Way. You can park either on the first car park on your right or on the car park between the Department of Psychology and the Roger Kirk Centre.

You'll find James Hall behind the Student's Union.