4th - 6th October 2023

York, United Kingdom

The world is cohabited by a plethora of pluriverses, identities, and ways of thinking-feeling, knowing, and being, and yet, most of these forms of existence are subordinated to a hegemonic Western worldview. The hegemony of Western ways of thinking, being, and living, is characterised by privileging theories and knowledges from hegemonic centres while marginalising peripheries and perpetuating asymmetric power relations of the colonial legacy between the West and the ‘others’. 

During the last version of Ventana, we engaged in dialogues with the global margins to challenge colonial ideologies and empower marginalised communities. We felt constantly uncomfortable with the contradictions that we embody. Nurturing from previous conversations and building on the conference trajectory, the upcoming conference, Navigating Uncomfortable Contradictions: Decolonial Routes Towards Pluriversality, will explore decolonisation as a pathway towards pluriversality and the unsettling contradictions as a point of reflection within decolonial approaches. Inspired by Enrique Dussel, Arturo Escobar, Walter Mignolo, Catherine E. Walsh, Marisol de la Cadena, Ndlovu-Gatsheni Sabelo, and Mario Blaser on decolonial thought and pluriversality, this conference explores various paths towards pluriversality and navigate through multiple forms of knowledges, epistemologies, cosmologies, and ontologies; acknowledging and engaging with diverse perspectives and experiences in an environment of mutual respect and care towards global diversity. Thus, the conference seeks to provide a platform for critical engagement and dialogue within unsettling contradictions that arise from the processes of decolonisation and to explore ways towards a more equitable and just world. 


University of York - Hybrid

Like in all of our previous editions, the University of York will be home to the fifth version of Conference Ventana.
We are also adapting to the needs and requirements of this post-pandemic world, offering all participants the opportunity to present and engage with the conference from anywhere in the globe. We understand that a conference that aims to discuss postcolonialism and decolonisation needs to be open and accesible. For this, for a third consecutive year, the digital dimension of Ventana will be of extreme importance for the success of the intellectual and cultural exchange that we aim to foster.


Ventana's main venue will be James Hall (Room G/N/028), located in James college, in the West Campus, next to the Roger Kirk Centre. We are also using other spaces in Alcuin College, also located in Campus West. 

We have created maps and guides to help you move around. You can also use the university's interactive map to locate the rooms.